Climate and Energy

Show your support as a citizen of Malta, and send the below postcard to the Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Dr Miriam Dalli.

Friends of the Earth Malta has put forward the following demands, on behalf of the citizens of Malta:

  • No new infrastructure for fossil fuels! The 400 million euro of Maltese taxpayers money that would be spent on the Melita gas pipeline should be invested in renewable energy production in Malta.
  • Domestic renewable energy production should be able to cover Malta’s essential electricity needs! An assessment should be made to determine what is the baseline requirement of the country to provide electricity to the reverse osmosis plants, hospitals and other basic needs. A secure and reliable supply of energy should be available locally to meet these essential needs, to ensure Malta can withstand external shocks.
  • Hydrogen cannot be used as a veil to greenwash the fossil gas pipeline project! If green hydrogen is to be part of Malta’s future energy mix, we demand a national plan that outlines a timeline and information about the sourcing, production and foreseen use in sectors.
  • Imported electricity should come from renewable sources! Global climate change does not care about outsourcing our emissions to another country. Electricity demands are expected to increase, as a result of the shift to electrification of sectors such as transport. Malta should collaborate with neighbouring countries to show demand for and invest in renewable energy production for our electricity imports.
  • Malta should enable and promote community energy initiatives! Malta should transpose the revised Renewable Energy Directive, which includes community energy initiatives, which was due in June 2021. Large-scale energy projects are vulnerable to corruption and big business interests. Community energy initiatives are essential in the transition to renewable energy and the creation of a democratic and decentralized energy system.
  • No public money should go to Electrogas shareholders! The Melita gas pipeline project will trigger the payment of a gas exit price from the Maltese government to Electrogas, to compensate for the assets the energy company would hand over. The Electrogas deal has been described as a “highly irregular procedure” by the Council of Europe (CoE) assessment and was the subject of investigation when journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered. Taxpayers money should not end up in the pockets of businesses being investigated for corruption and criminal offences.
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