Micromobility revolution begins

Micromobility revolution begins

Micromobility, what’s that? Small human or electric powered mobility devices, such as walking, cycling and scooting are collectively referred to as micromobility. These modes of transport are suitable for short urban trips and are a key tool to reduce carbon emissions from transport. 

Micromobility: What’s that? First reel posted on social media to introduce the micromobility concept

In our new project MICROMOBI we will develop skills and raise awareness on the topic of micromobility. In January 2024 we held the first face-to-face partner meeting, in Malta, and with that, the MICROMOBI project is officially underway. The meeting was filled with discussions, brainstorming sessions, planning, and emotions. Partners from Promimpresa (Sicily), Friends of the Earth Cyprus, and LKM (Slovenia) converged in Malta in January 2024 to map out the next two years of collaborative efforts.

The main priority we are addressing through this project: to contribute to more environmentally friendly cities and fight against climate change. Our focus will be on the development of skills and raising awareness regarding the use of small human or electric-powered mobility devices tailored for short urban journeys, alongside promoting walking as a sustainable mode of transport.

This means that next year, people from Malta, Cyprus, Sicily and Slovenia will have the opportunity to attend workshops such as a  repair cafe for micromobility devices, cycling training, and road safety training  (for both micromobility users and other road users, like driving instructors and bus drivers). 

Thanks to a survey about micromobility shared in the partner countries, we had the opportunity to gain deeper insights on what our supporters and followers know and think about micromobility and how we can make our raising awareness campaign more useful and attractive for everyone who is involved in the issue. Additionally, the survey helped us identify key stakeholders and devise strategies to engage with them. Through hours of fruitful discussions, we clarified the roles of each partner and outlined our roadmap for achieving the project goals.

As a result of the meeting, several milestones have been achieved:

-Definition of key messages

-Discussion on project visual identity

-Release of the first project reel on social media

-Strengthening of team connections

-Development of a comprehensive plan for the next 1.5 years

Let’s keep moving towards a greener transport system!

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