Urban Gardening & Nature Therapy

Through the Giving Garden urban gardening & nature therapy initiative we aim to improve the local environment by promoting the significance of gardens in urban areas particularly within residential zones. Ultimately the long-term goal for FoE Malta is to create a network of community gardens as shared spaces, spread across the country, that are easily accessible by public transport, where the wider community can enjoy nature. Within the context of the high urban density fabric of the Maltese Islands these community gardens are also expected to support efforts towards enhanced social cohesion.

The Giving Garden is an urban community garden where people come together and learn to grow their own crops and herbs. This is a new way to unite members of the community. This initiative helps to develop a sense of ownership and belonging for all volunteers, and positively contribute to the therapeutic needs of these Maltese communities. In addition, it promoted the importance and relevance of fresh and healthy local food, and also highlight the importance of pollinators as keystone species. The Giving Garden is also designed to have an educational reach that goes beyond the core community, with a spill over to the general public, who will also be empowered to set up similar gardens in their local communities.

If you would like our support to set up your local community garden, please contact us with some details and any questions.

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This project has been partly funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry for Education and Employment. (2018)

This project has been partly funded through the Melita Foundation (2021)

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