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Working towards the protection of the environment for the benefit of both people and all other living things necessitates a diverse set of skills and talents. Above all, it requires a longstanding passion for the environment and for every individual who calls it home.

Our team, board members, and volunteers are all advocates for our planet and they each bring a positive mix of skills and experience to help Friends of the Earth Malta achieve its mission and spread its core values.

Martin Galea De Giovanni


Martin is a long time environmental activist and current director of Friends of the Earth Malta. Martin holds an M.Sc in Environmental Management and Planning from the University of Malta. He previously graduated with an honours degree in Environmental Studies, after having originally studied and worked in the field of Computer Science. His lifelong interest in astronomy possibly influenced his generalist outlook on life and his preference for not missing out on the bigger picture.

Kate Valentine

Financial Administrator and Project Support officer

As FoE Malta’s finance administrator, Kate supports the team to make sure the organisation’s money is being spent in the best possible way to protect the environment and support its causes.  Studying human rights and then becoming a mum made Kate passionate to protect the Earth for her son and his generation.  She loves volunteering and has worked for International charities such as Oxfam, as well as national and local causes.  In between crunching numbers and being a Mama, Kate likes to free dive, practise yoga, read books, and bake cakes.

Board of Directors