Suzanne Maas

Climate Campaign Coordinator

Suzanne is the Climate Campaign Coordinator, working on topics related to climate change, energy and mobility, and developing our Fossil Free Malta campaign. She joined Friends of the Earth Malta some years ago, working as project coordinator for the AgroKatina and Nature Therapy projects and thereafter as a volunteer board member. Suzanne originally comes from an island in the Netherlands and has a Masters degree in Environmental Science (Wageningen University, NL) and a PhD in Sustainable Mobility with the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Malta. Her research focused on the use of bicycle sharing systems and the promotion of cycling in a Southern European context. Having grown up in the Netherlands, she was pretty much born on a bicycle, and has been an active cyclist – and cycling activist – in Malta during the 10+ years she has been living and working here. She lectures part-time at the University of Malta on units related to transport, climate and research methods in geography. 

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