Meatless Monday

Friends of the Earth Malta is calling for LESS AND BETTER MEAT to stop the expansion of intensive animal production, and support a sustainable food system that is better for people and the planet.

We can all make a start by cutting out meat and eating delicious plant-based food for one day each week- joining the growing global Meatless Monday movement!

Want to know how to shift your diet? Download our Cooking Guide.

Meatless Monday in restaurants

Meatless Monday in your restaurant

There are massive changes happening to the whole of the restaurant and food service sector. Meatless Monday will help you stand out from the crowd as you try to get existing and new customers back into your restaurant. Friends of the Earth can support you to be part of Meatless Monday and promote your restaurant via our website, social media and newsletter. Start by downloading our restaurant guide and contact us to learn more and join.

Join the thousands of schools that offer Meatless Monday and are making a big difference in our health and the health of our planet.

Meatless Monday is a global movement in over 40 countries. Choosing to go Meatless Monday can help fight diseases, reduce the risk of diabetes, and is nutritionally sound. It also conserves land, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves water, and saves energy.

We greatly appreciate your interest in Meatless Monday. If you would like support to implement Meatless Monday in your school and lessons, please contact us.

Meatless Mondays School Guide
Agrokatina - Vegetables in season in Malta by month

Local and Seasonal Inspiration

Make your Meatless Mondays even more yummy by including local and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Enjoy our guide to what is harvested locally each month together with delicious recipes that make the most of what is fresh and abundant.

Less Meat - Less Heat
Global livestock production creates more greenhouse gas than the entire transportation sector
I love legumes
790 million litres of water

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