About Us

We campaign on some of today’s most pressing environmental and social issues, by engaging the public directly through a wide range of diverse projects and activities. Friends of the Earth Malta creates and participates in vibrant campaigns, raises awareness on a number of pertinent national and international issues, and mobilises people to participate in decision making processes.

In addition, our organisation strives to provide creative solutions that are based on sound knowledge and information, especially through the promotion of alternatives to certain environmental behaviours. And in keeping to our activist roots, Friends of the Earth Malta continuously lobbies, mobilises, and influences the policy community towards a more just and sustainable society.

Watch our video on the future we need and what we are doing to make it happen. There are a number of ways how you too can get involved in our cause and contribute towards the protection of the environment and mitigation of social issues.

“To be the human voice of the Earth to bring about a peaceful, just, equitable, and sustainable society that is respectful of present and future generations by inspiring change and promoting solutions”

Our History

Friends of the Earth Malta was founded with the intention of consolidating various youth and environmental groups in the country, which quickly developed into a committee of activists. This group received noteworthy media coverage in November 1985, when members were attached during a peaceful protest that was set up to oppose development on Malta’s pristine beaches and countryside.

Who We Are

Our team, board members, and volunteers are all advocates for our planet and they each bring a positive mix of skills and experience to help Friends of the Earth Malta achieve its mission and spread its core values.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most popular questions and answered them on this page. You will know about the possibilities to join our team, the bee hotel and the Green Library, donations and even about the regulations of hunting season. By the way, the animal in the picture on the right is Maltese weasel, the world’s smallest carnivorous mammal.

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