DISPLACEMENT, A Collective Performance About Climate Migration

DISPLACEMENT, A Collective Performance About Climate Migration

DISPLACEMENT, the occupation by a submerged body of a volume which would otherwise be occupied by a fluid. 


DISPLACEMENT MALTA is a site-specific version of Displacement realized for the opening of Malta Biennale of Art 2024.

Displacement MALTA is directed by the visual artist and choreographer Andrea Conte (Andreco) and the Studio Andreco with the support of Friend of the Earth Malta and the Malta Biennale.

The performance is dedicated to the consequences of water-related climate changes. In particular, the choreography explores such processes as desertification, flooding, sea level rise and the “displacement” of entire populations caused by these processes. The work reminds us that millions of people are currently forced to migrate and leave territories that have become hostile and unlivable as a result of climate change, wars and social issues.

The performers carry flags and a long blue drape, through their symbolic and ritual movements the performers simulate extreme meteorological events such as droughts, desertification, flooding and sea level rise. The flags represent part of the cost of Malta and the sea, the cliff and the sea, landscapes. These flags are “anti-flags” celebrating the beauty of subversive geography against all political borders. The flags appear as a geographical map fragment that reminds the vulnerability of the territories and the immigrants’ paths through the sea. Displacement is an homage to the landscape and to all living beings.  The performance is an act of solidarity and alliance with the migrants,  in its entirety indicates an auspicious future characterized by the migration acceptance, adapting to climate change, mitigation of impacts, requalification of rivers, parks and wetlands, a future for a society that is sustainable, multicultural and in harmony with the ecosystem of which it is part. The performers are mostly activists and workers in the field of climate migration or persons that empathize with climate migrants.

We believe in Climate Justice and in multispecies mutualism and solidarity between all living beings.

Friends of the Earth Malta‘s Climate Campaign Coordinator, Dr Suzanne Maas, explains that, “Climate change is causing 20 million people to leave their homes or countries every year. People need to move because of droughts, floods, storms or sea level rise. However, international law does not recognise “climate refugees”, so people in this situation are not legally considered refugees. Through our climate campaign, we call for systemic change and climate justice. We need swift action to reduce carbon emissions and stop burning fossil fuels, to shift towards a socially and ecologically just well-being economy, and to protect displaced people through a migration policy that recognises the climate crisis as a basis for refugee status”.



10:00 am – March 12, 2024. 

Meeting point at DATE (Art Café) – 134 Triq Dom Mintoff, Bormla BML 1921, Malta

Near: DOCK 1, Cospicua, Malta.



Performance direction: Andrea Conte (Andreco)

Choreography assistant: Laura Bisognin Lorenzoni

Internal production assistant: Daniele Cimaglia

Production: Friends of the Earth Malta, Malta Biennale, Climate Art Project, Studio Andreco.

Performers involved in Displacement Malta: Sabela Rubio Caamano, Emilia Figiel, Elizaveta Merinova, Roberta Esposito


The video of the previous Displacement performance realized in Bologna, Italy, and part of the collection of the museum MAMbo of Bologna, is visible at the Malta Biennale at the Armoury, Birgu for the exhibition: Can you sea? The Mediterranean as a Political Body. Curated by Sofia Baldi Pighi, Emma Mattei and Elisa Carollo.


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