5 reasons to get involved in a community energy project

5 reasons to get involved in a community energy project

Community energy is what we stand for: citizen owned renewable energy projects that democratize our energy system. Together with the Malta Cooperative Federation and with the support of REScoop.eu, we are working on the creation of the first Renewable Energy Community in Malta. Such initiatives are essential in the transition to renewable energy and the creation of a democratic and decentralized energy system.

  1. Community energy projects  provide the opportunity for members of the community to own PV panels even when they have no access to a roof. 
  2. It is good for the climate. Community-owned renewable energy projects significantly cut carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuels. 
  3. It strengthens the community and creates spaces to educate people on issues of energy, climate and democracy.
  4. Community energy is renewable and redirects resources from fossil fuels to real climate solutions. 
  5. Community energy projects keep the money circulating within your community, supporting local businesses and jobs. It will contribute to creating a more local, circular economy.

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