Wrapping up the adventures of our Bike About project

Wrapping up the adventures of our Bike About project

As the wheels of the Bike About project come to a gentle halt, it’s time to reflect on the journey we’ve had over the past year. Bike About wasn’t just about promoting cycling in Malta; it was about empowering people to use bicycles on Maltese roads and providing them with the required knowledge and resources. 

The first highlight of this adventure was purchasing an electric cargo bike—a game-changer in our quest for sustainable mobility. At various public events, we showcased the suitability of cycling for cargo transportation, carrying different loads, from material to a music speaker, to two children at a time!

Through our cycling sessions, participants learned essential skills such as balancing, key cycling techniques, and road safety. Our aim was not just to create cyclists but to foster a community of informed and responsible road users.

Additionally, we equipped people with the basic skills of bike maintenance at bicycle repair cafes. Under the expert guidance of bicycle repair instructor Joe Gatt, participants learned how to address common issues like flat tires and minor repairs.

Read the feedback of Camille Bon, participant of the last Bike repair cafe: 

I love cycling but often felt intimidated by the mechanical aspects of bike maintenance, for example, handling a slipped chain, a situation that has happened to me twice last year and made me reliant on passersby for help. During the Bike Repair Cafe, I not only learned how to fix this issue but also learned how to maintain my chain. 

Furthermore, in our commitment to supporting cyclists, we’ve created  a bike repair kit available for public use for repairs or to borrow, at the FoEM Green Resource Centre. The kit includes:
– Pump
– Tube patches and various glues
– A helmet
– Multitool
– Tire levers
– Bicycle lights
– Biodegradable degreaser and cleaner
– Lubricant
– High visibility vests 

Our goal is to ensure that cyclists have access to the resources they need to keep their bikes in good condition. Everybody can borrow or use those items during office hours and when we have events at our Green Resource Centre in Floriana. Please send us a message via Facebook/Instagram before coming to ensure someone is in the office and able to provide you with the necessary tools.

Dr Suzanne Maas, FoEM Climate campaign coordinator and Bike About project manager concluded:

The Bike About project enabled our organisation to put our work on sustainable mobility into practice: we now have a cargo-bike to show what sustaianble commuting looks like at events and we have empowered people to learn how to cycle, and how to care for their bicycle. All this hopefully contributes to more people experiencing the joy of cycling and more space and attention for this green travel alternative. 

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