Cycling training: mission completed!

Cycling training: mission completed!

A second series of Bike About cycling classes has finished. This time, the training was open to both beginners and intermediate-level cyclists, led by Michelle Vella Wood and colleagues from Freedom is a Bicycle. Participants not only improved their cycling performance but also acquired essential skills, including balancing, key cycling techniques, hand signals for directions, road positioning, and responding to potential dangers.

Here’s some feedback from participants: 

Christian Spiteri
“I have found such training sessions to be very useful and enjoyable, since I have always said that I’d like to learn how to ride a bicycle, but I never actually found time to get down to it. The fact that it is a group event is also a plus and makes it much more approachable and having specific dates and times also helps in avoiding any procrastination.”

Rachel Xuereb
“The Bike About sessions helped me gain confidence in cycling on the road and brought me a step closer to getting an E-bike to commute to the office. I want to thank Friends of the Earth and Freedom is a Bicycle for their time.”

Friends of the Earth Malta believes that cycling plays a crucial role in promoting a shift towards sustainable mobility. With an average trip distance in Malta of 5.5 km, short bicycle commutes are the perfect solution. A 5 km journey takes just 15-20 minutes on a bike, making it a convenient and eco-friendly option for your daily travels.

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