Improving biodiversity’s resilience to climate- and human-induced threads through nursing positive Human Herpetofauna Interactions.
Dec’ 23 to Dec’ 24

Reptiles and amphibians, collectively known as herpetofauna, are facing some serious challenges worldwide. Climate change is throwing a wrench into their lives by messing with their body temperatures, and human activities like habitat destruction aren’t helping either. Surprisingly, warmer weather isn’t always a win for these creatures; they’re navigating a complex puzzle just to stay comfortable. On top of that, there’s a shocking lack of awareness about the crucial role these animals play in ecosystems. Our expanding cities and relentless development are gobbling up their homes faster than ever. But don’t lose hope just yet! Even seemingly small actions, like creating artificial habitats, can make a big impact on their survival. It’s time to step up and give these fascinating creatures the protection they desperately need.
Τhis project, identifying the above problems, aims to improve biodiversity’s resilience, by nursing and promoting positive Human-Herpetofauna Interactions (HHI) through herpetofauna-related adult education to citizens and VET. Professionals who live and work in nature (e.g., farmers, shepherds, hunters), and are thus in contact with herpetofauna species regularly, are the real countryside managers and the people who can make a difference, safeguarding herps and the rest of biodiversity.

To achieve this, the concrete objectives of the project are:

  • Produce an e-learning course about Human-Herpetofauna Interactions (HHI) – Activity 1
  • Develop an interactive online tool that will allow countryside managers to be constantly updated
    on the herpetofauna of their area and also contribute themselves through a citizen science platform – Activity 2
  • Produce a replicability e-package for education & training activities related to HHI – Activity 3
  • Interact with the target groups Farmers and farmer associations, Agronomists/professionals of the agricultural sector, Environmental Scientists. Civil Servants from relevant authorities, VET and adult education providers, E-NGOs, Higher Education, Secondary Education and Citizens


Ecostack Innovations Limited (Malta)

Photos credit by Guido Bonett

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