YouthIES Newsletter

YouthIES Newsletter

 Hello dear YouthIES community!

We hope you had an incredible start to the year! We have exciting news to share about our YouthIES project.

In recent months, we have identified key environmental issues through conversations with experts.

Among the contents discussed we highlight the following:

The serious issue of desertification, which threatens vast areas and biodiversity. We have also critically examined “unsustainable” tourism, seeking to balance human enjoyment with environmental preservation.

Noise pollution and waste management have been key areas, recognizing their impact on quality of life and seeking strategies to mitigate these problems. We have tackled traffic, the lack of green spaces and the use of plastics, working towards sustainable solutions and the reduction of plastic waste.

Biodiversity has been a central focus, recognizing the importance of preserving the variety of life on our planet. Additionally, we have explored strategies to address worrying water pollution.

We also want to tell you that we will soon launch the Vlog Box with its valuable recommendations and the Training Pack along with the Toolkit for trainers to inspire and train you towards a positive impact.

We are committed to continuing working to generate a positive impact on our environment.

The YouthIES project is co-funded by the EU.

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