Images collected by the #ClimateOfChange campaign.

Friends of the Earth Malta has joined forces with 25 other organisations from 22 EU countries for the #ClimateOfChange campaign.
This project was initiated to raise awareness and educate youth and the general public about climate-related migration.

With #ClimateOfChange we aim to highlight the interconnection between migration and climate change and as well as the need to
transform our economy and change our everyday lives. The vision is to promote the needs and protect the human rights of all people,
without exploiting others and destroying the environment.

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Our #ClimateOfChange project consisted of three parts:
  • Collecting signatures for an EU-wide petition,
  • Organising a Climate Action Camp for Youths &
  • Organising Ċine’Ambjent – an Environmental Film Festival


We are facing one of the biggest threats to humankind and the environment. Climate change is causing 20 million people to leave their homes or countries every year. What we need is a systemic change. We are calling for climate justice.

With this Europe-wide petition, we reached out to elected representatives and policy makers to advocate for a just and sustainable future and for an economy focused on prosperity and peace for all. The petition was handed to the European leaders in November 2022, when the Conference of the Parties (COP27) was taking place in Egypt to make our voices heard.

In total 48,238 people signed the petition. In Malta we managed to collect 1,000 signatures. They were handed over to decision-makers at COP27 in Egypt. Read more about.

Climate Action Camp

Our Climate Action Camp was a great opportunity to come together and learn about climate action. It took place from Friday 16 September to Sunday 18 September and was addressed to young people in Malta from ages 18-35. The event was held a The Seminary in Rabat. Vegetarian and vegan food was provided.

We were hosting workshops activism, campaigning tactics, the intersection between migration and climate change. Besides, we also went on a night hike and did rock climbing.

Our three-day climate action camp was mainly about how to get active in the fight for more climate justice. Among other activities, there were talks by Isaac Camilleri Astill, Andre Callus, who are both active in the left organisation Moviment Graffiti, and Filippo Taglieri, an Italian climate activist.


Our beloved environmental film festival has returned in February 2023 at Valletta Design Cluster! Ċine’Ambjent is a non-profit film festival that offers local communities a wide range of new and thought-provoking environmental films in a two-day programme.

The documentaries powerfully showed how climate activists and indigenous communities from different countries in the Global South are leading their fight against extreme weather events due to climate change, corporate exploitation of natural resources or to protect their water from diversion and contamination. In doing so, they are fighting for their survival and right to exist.

All four documentaries are thus emblematic of the fight for climate justice, because the devastating consequences of climate change are already being felt everywhere.

Day 1

  • Thank you for the Rain, Kenya (2017), directed by Julia Dahr and Kisilu Musya
  • Discussion with Dr Stefano Moncada
  • Uma: A Water Crisis in Bolivia (2021), directed by Ana Llacer
  • Cultural After Party at Maori, Valletta with music by DJ Nil Nisi Bonum and food by Migrant Women’s Association Malta

Images by Lisa Attard

Day 2

  • Anote’s Ark, Kiribati (2018), directed by Matthieu Rytz
  • Discussion with Dr John Paul Cauchi
  • Delikado, Philippines (2022), directed by Karl Malakunas

Images by Lisa Attard

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