Ċine’Ambjent the Environmental Film Festival is back

The eNGO Friends of the Earth Malta (FoEM) is organising the second edition of its Environmental Film Festival, Ċine’Ambjent on February, 4th and 5th 2023. Climate change is causing 20 million people to be forced out of their homes or country every year, so this year, the chosen films will delve into the theme of climate-induced migration.

Ċine’Ambjent is a non-profit film festival providing local communities with a wide range of new and thought-provoking environmental films over a 2-day program. The documentaries powerfully show how climate activists and indigenous communities from different countries in the Global South are leading their fight against extreme weather events due to climate change, corporate exploitation of natural resources or to protect their water from diversion and contamination. In doing so, they are fighting for their survival and right to exist.

On Saturday the 4th the doors will be open from 3:30 pm the festival kicks off with a screening of Thank You for the Rain (Kenya) which covers five years of the life of Kisilu Musya, the Kenyan farmer who has made his way from a father to a climate activist on the global stage. After the film, they will be joined by Dr Stefano Moncada who will engage in a discussion on the topics of climate-induced migration. The second screening will be Uma: A Water Crisis in Bolivia which combines the confrontation between the Andean indigenous communities and the government, women’s stories of displacement and resistance, and the struggle for the right to clear water.

On Saturday, the festival will continue with a cultural after party with world music by DJ Nil Nisi Bonum and food by the Migrant Women’s Association at Maori, Valletta.

On Sunday the 5th doors will be open from 1:00 pm, starting with the documentary Anote’s Ark (Kiribati), Kiribati nation has become the first nation under the threat of entirely disappearing because of sustained sea level rise caused by climate change. The film will be followed by a discussion with Dr John Paul Cauchi. Ċine’Ambjent will close with the film Delikado (Philippines) which tells the story of Bobby, Tata and Nieves, three magnetic leaders who risk their lives in David versus Goliath-style struggles trying to stop politicians and businessmen from destroying the Philippines’ “last ecological frontier”.

All four documentaries are thus emblematic of the fight for climate justice, because the devastating consequences of the climate crisis are already being felt everywhere.

More information on schedule, tickets and registration can be found on the FoE Malta website: https://foemalta.org/event/cineambjent-2023/

Contact and inquires at info@foemalta.org

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