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As we emerge from the holidays and embrace the new year, Friends of the Earth Malta (FoEM) takes a moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements of 2023. It was in fact an exciting year for us at FoE Malta since we were underway in developing our brand new strategy for the coming years, one that would guide us towards a vision of hope, well being and a sustainable and more equitable future for Malta.

The past year has been a year of internal transition for the organisation with new team members joining us, new and exciting projects, improvements to our internal systems and hybrid working arrangements becoming the norm. Through our projects we have established various initiatives, including the relaunched a new edition of the very successful Malta Farm Map, the second edition of the Cineambjent film festival and many exciting events and workshops. The Green Resource Centre has been very busy this year, we restarted our community garden, continued with our weekly environmental youth hub and several other activities.

Friends of the Earth Malta engaged the community with everyday small-scale actions which ultimately help to support the local environment, to raise awareness about the global environmental and provide an opportunity for people to make real change in their local community. In doing so, we hope that a greater engagement with widespread local actions can produce global effects.

Below is a selection of our 2023 highlights. We were able to achieve so much because of the talent and hard work of our entire team, dedicated volunteers and your ongoing support.

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