Get Active – Bound Around!

European countries they were not really prepared for the new situation. In the past few months we have all had to adapt and are increasingly benefiting from the opportunities that the digital age offers us. But it is still an adjustment process, in which we have a lot to learn. Covid 19 in particular has shown that education and online learning are not easily or equally accessible to all students. Many students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, often with a migration background, do not have an Internet connection or laptop at home, or have to share it with several siblings. That is why we have decided to set up our project at a lower level and prefer a blended learning approach, which consists of workshop parts and an online tool, embedded in a teaching concept which will be developed in the framework of the project . The online tool should and can be used by small groups, so not every student has to have his own mobile device and the rally itself should also contribute to communication in the group and weld them together as a team. 2020 public consultation results done by the EU resulted, that the respondents said that online learning resources and content need to be more relevant, interactive and easy to use, ( that is what we want to focus on in “Get Active – Bound Around”.

With our project, which is based on „Action Bounds“, we want to make a contribution to digitalised learning and playfully impart knowledge about environmental protection to students and combined with a well thought-out story we want to make the learning content exciting for them. This format will work in times of Covid 19, but also beyond this challenging time.

What are Action Bounds? Action Bound is an app, that enables us to develop educational smartphone and tablet rallys for students. These multimedia based hunts are called”Bounds”. Through these rallys, the students get the opportunity to learn by their own experience, they are in motion and come out of the classroom into the fresh air and discover for themselves the solutions to important environmental problems. In this way their interest in environmental protection is encouraged and they learn what they can contribute to a sustainable future.

The aim of “Get Active – Bound Around” is to develop blended learning activities and online tools and make them available to students and teachers, accompanied by interactive workshops, that can be held by the partner organisations. But the tool and the accompanying materials can also stand on their own and can be downloaded by teachers on the homepages of the partner organisations. Students should be empowered to become active in the field of environmental protection, they have the possibility to recognise that they too can be part of a solution for a sustainable future.

According to the objectives of Erasmus+, innovative methods will be developed, tested and adapted relating to:

  • learning and teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches for school education teachers and students
  • innovative and open pedagogies in education
  • new forms of school learning and providing school education
  • development of digital tools and methods for the development of digital key comptences of school education, teachers and staff
  • improving digital competences of teachers and students
  • innovative ways to incorporate digital online technology into subject-specific teaching
  • improving the accessiblity of learning opportunities for students

The consortium consists of six countries and each country brings in its own specific focus and experience in the field of environment and education. Through the partnership severa approaches can be developed and exchanged and the tools can be tested and applied in several countries with different school systems and a different national context.

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