Dragoslav Vesic

Board Treasurer
Dragoslav has a keen interest in issues revolving around equality, justice and just society was always part of his learning and doing process. Being part of FoE Malta comes as a result of that inclination.
This juxtaposes with his continuous need for new challenges so having a versatile environment was always a plus. His full-time job is currently working as a part of the team that enhances organizational processes in a large back office company, mainly through software development projects. Making things better gets to be a lot of fun.
His free time is painstakingly and diligently planned for large number of things he like. He graduated at Universtity of Malta in 2007 with an MA in Human Rights and Democratization. Presently, he is closing off the second year of a 3-year course leading to MSc Computer Science at Northumbria University.

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