Open call and opportunity for teachers and educators

Open call and opportunity for teachers and educators

FoEM’s Food, Agriculture & Biodiversity team has been busy getting students moving  while reflecting on their own natural environment. As part of a European project “Get Active – Bound Around” three interactive and educational online games were created to focus on different environmental realities both locally and around the world. These are readily available on the ActionBound app.

As this project comes to its completion we are inviting teachers & educators to join one of our training sessions  to learn more about the Games, Booklet & Teachers resources all of which will be free and easily accessible online.

Earthbound Hideout is suggested for Years 7-8 and proposes a journey using our senses to feel a sense of place while rewilding urban areas in a local context. It is to be played outdoors.

Tomato rescue squad is a trip around the world, one seed at a time. In a larger context it deals with food Sovereignty and food waste and is suggested for Years 6-9

Climate Justice Escape Game is aimed for Sixth Form students/youths as a digital Escape Game which gets the team to work together on climate justice issues with an introduction to Doughnut Economics. It can be played anywhere.

The presentations are planned as follows and registration will be required. They will both be held at the Digital Literacy Centre, Ħamrun so that teachers can choose the time which suits them best (only one session is to be attended).

  • Monday 27th March 2023: 12.30—2.30 pm
  • Tuesday 28th March 2023: 3.30—5.30 pm

For more information and for booking a place please fill in the form below. If you have any questions about the training, contact the project assistant Annalise Falzon via

We would like to thank the support received from Mr Francesco Debono, Education Officer, Education for Sustainable Development as well as Dr Omar Seguna Education Officer, Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills at the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation.

* The content was created through the collaboration of GLOBAL 2000 (Austria), NOAH (Denmark), Friends of the Earth Malta (Malta), Za Zemiata (Bulgaria) and Jordens Vänner (Sweden) as part of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Covid-19 Digital Education (in school, vocational and higher education) and Creativity and Culture (in school, adult education and youth)

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