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Brush up your knowledge on CAP

Friends of the Earth is putting you to the test! We have come up with a quiz to pick your brain about local farming within a larger context of European policy. Also we want to get your input as a consumer of local produce and products. So, we have come up with a list of seven questions that will help us understand you better, and how things really are when it comes to buying food. In the month of March two articles will be published online on two separate media houses with the same quiz. What you’d need to do is to read through one of the articles, and then answer all the questions as best as you can. That’s It!

We’re doing this as part of a project that FoEM is working on, to provide more targeted information on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and provide a dialogue space for you the citizens. The CAP is a European Union (EU) policy dedicated to agriculture and rural development, which accounts for about 40% of the EU’s budget. At present this policy is being revisited towards ‘The New CAP 2023- 2027’ towards a fairer, greener and more performance-based CAP. At Friends of the Earth Malta we want to take this opportunity to understand more about local trends towards local farming and produce.

Those participating in the quiz and answering all the questions stand a chance to win one of three prizes. The winners, who will be drawn randomly, will benefit from a €100 gift voucher from a local supplier to purchase fair trade, local and organic produce and/or products. Also, this would be a great opportunity for you as a European citizen to become better equipped and more knowledgeable about what you are eating and feeding your loved ones every single day. So win – win!

Read more about the CAP here.

Written by Anne-Marie Apap

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