Embrace: reconnect with nature

We live in a fast digital urban world. Nowadays  75% of Europeans grow up in urban areas, which exacerbates our detachment from nature. Together with FOE Cyprus, NOAH (Denmark) and Center for Environment (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the Embrace project, we want to offer opportunities for young people to reconnect with nature. 

We want to create a caring community, based in nature to increase creativity, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve the ovehealth of both people and the planet. In nature there are no expectations to fulfil, and as long as we respect the different beings living there, we will be welcomed and included. Here we can be ourselves, individually and together with other young people.

During the project we will announce different events and activities open for young people (everyone below 30 years old):

○ Train of trainers for young leaders who want to create meaningful outdoor experiences for other young people.
○ Nature camps with a deep dive into the local ecosystems and living in nature.
○ Climate clubs – regular gatherings of young people in easily accessible natural areas.

We believe that the closeness to nature strengthens the community network, enables social empowerment, facilitates social interaction, and enhances group cohesion and support, developing a sense of agency and resilience.

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