Blooming Schools

Blooming Schools” aims to empower and equip young people in secondary schools with right tools, competences and skills to become environmental change-makers, raise awareness and take action with a dutiful approach. To achieve this, we are aiming to a collaboration with schools and teachers who are heavily involved into their education. Youth at this age (13-18 years old) spend the most of their time at school, take examples and inspiration from their educators and choose their career path at the end of this journey based on their experiences, likes and dislikes.

The specific objectives are:

  • Building the skills and competences of young people to carry out environmental actions
  • Increasing the confidence of teachers to support their students on an environmental practice journey
  • Increasing awareness about the importance of environmental citizenship
  • Supporting young people to develop their emotional resilience to carry on, in a way that ignites individual initiative
  • Helping young people realise their potential to create change
  • Contributing to a more sustainable future through increasing biodiversity and fight against climate change.


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