School of Sustainability

This project consisted of a three year grant by the European Commission that allowed Friends of the Earth Malta to implement informal education activities, develop critical understanding, and promote action amongst EU citizens on some of the most important development, environmental and social justice issues facing people and the planet today.

School of Sustainability followed up from what was an already successful exercise in other regions of the Friends of the Earth International federation, most notably in Latin America and in Africa. These schools support the creation of common political analysis, the sharing of skills and development of leadership, within and between Friends of the Earth groups.

The European “School of Sustainability” project began in April 2015, and ran for a period of 3 years. The entire consortium consisted of 23 partners from the Friends of the Earth European network of national Friends of the Earth groups and Young Friends of the Earth groups.

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The SofS action was recognised as one of the 20 innovative initiatives to be part of the Global Education Innovation Award 2018 .


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