Friends of the Earth Malta is happy to announce that we have joined the Zero Waste Europe Network!

Friends of the Earth Malta is happy to announce that we have joined the Zero Waste Europe Network!

What is Zero Waste Europe? ZWE is a network connecting 36 local and national NGOs all across Europe with one common goal – to achieve a zero waste future. We are happy to join this network, and as new partners we are open to new innovative ideas and inspiration from other organisations. 

As the climate emergency moves on closer, we have to play a role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution and waste have inherent climate impact. This network addresses these impacts and promotes the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle. 

Zero Waste Europe also focuses on the concept of a “Zero Waste Municipality”.  This project is committed to significantly reducing waste generation and improving waste collection methods. Zero Waste Europe represents European cities dedicated to this goal, like the Contarina district in Italy’s Veneto region. Their aim is to recognise and support all municipalities working toward zero waste, regardless of their current progress.

For businesses, waste signifies inefficiency and extra costs. Circular thinking aligns perfectly with business success. European businesses following zero waste principles aim to use recycled materials, maximise recycling potential, redesign production processes, and prioritise resource productivity over labour productivity.

In our personal lives, zero waste is gaining popularity as a cost-effective and sustainable lifestyle. It starts with smart purchasing and waste management at home. There’s ample support through blogs, videos, and books to guide this transition toward conscious consumption and waste reduction. While cities work toward zero waste, individuals can start living smarter and reducing their environmental impact today.

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