YOUTHECO: Erasmus+ Project Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future

YOUTHECO: Erasmus+ Project Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future

YOUTHECO, a 2-year Erasmus+ project, is making significant strides in strengthening the employability of young people, particularly marginalized youth, by equipping them with essential skills for the green economy. The consortium consists of 6 EU countries: Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Malta, Poland, and Slovenia.

In response to the pressing need to address youth unemployment and environmental sustainability, YOUTHECO focuses on supporting NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and young women in re-skilling and upskilling for the green sector. By providing access to a comprehensive toolbox of non-formal learning resources, the project aims to facilitate their integration into the labour market. The open resource toolbox developed by YOUTHECO covers a range of critical green sector areas, including Forest-based care, Waste Reduction, Social agriculture, Energy supply, Urban green care, Ecotourism, and Green Entrepreneurship. Through innovative approaches to education and training, participants gain practical knowledge and skills essential for success in the green economy.

As part of the project, YOUTHECO is conducting capacity-building sessions nationally with 12 youth workers. These sessions focus on the YOUTHECO Training Package and the online platform, equipping participants with the necessary tools to support marginalized youth in their journey towards the green economy. Upon completion, participants will receive Youthpass certification and become YOUTHECO Ambassadors, empowered to guide and mentor NEETs and young women.

Additionally, the project is implementing 18 hybrid workshops across partner countries, led by 30 YOUTHECO Ambassadors with the support of partners. These workshops aim to engage at least 180 NEETs and women, providing them with essential knowledge and skills to prepare for their work-shadowing placements in green sector organizations and companies. The workshops serve as a vital steppingstone, bridging the gap between education and employment for marginalized youth.

The core of YOUTHECO’s initiatives lies in the implementation of 30 work shadowing placements across all partner countries. These placements, spanning a two-week period, offer participants invaluable hands-on experience within the green sector. Through partnerships with organizations and companies, YOUTHECO ensures that NEETs and women have access to mentorship and support, empowering them to thrive in the workplace.

Furthermore, YOUTHECO is facilitating two virtual multistakeholder forums, providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders in the green economy. These forums foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and partnerships to drive forward the project’s objectives of youth empowerment and environmental sustainability.

Commenting on the project, Elia, project manager said: “YOUTHECO is not just about training; it’s about creating a holistic ecosystem that supports the transition of marginalized youth into the green economy. By empowering youth workers, engaging participants in workshops, and facilitating work-shadowing placements, we are laying the foundation for a more sustainable future.”

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