Environmental NGOs condemn outrageous claims by MDA President

Friends of the Earth Malta together with six other environmental NGOs* refer to the allegations made by the President of the Malta Developers’ Association (MDA) Micheal Stivala during an interview given to the Times of Malta. During this interview Stivala alleged that eNGOs accept money from businesses to carry out campaigns and file court cases to harm their competitors. He added that this is done by “almost all NGOs” “almost all the time” followed by stating that he does not have any proof of this fact.

We reject these serious allegations and clearly state that we do not engage in such practices.

We challenge Mr. Stivala to substantiate these outrageous claims or else expect him to immediately retract his statements.

*The Ramblers’ Association of Malta
Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar
Birdlife Malta
Friends of the Earth (Malta)
Nature Trust Malta
Din L-Art Helwa
Moviment Grafitti

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