What will Malta look like in 2050?

Last Friday, January 20, there was a public consultation session on Malta’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050, which took place in St. Julian’s. Our team members, Suzanne Maas, Climate Campaign Coordinator, and Ann Bugeja, Climate Campaign Project Assistant, attended the public discussion.

The Strategy is an ambitious document that translates Malta’s Sustainable Development Vision for 2050 into a strategic policy direction for the environmental protection and socio-economic development of the Maltese Islands. The document sets out five Strategic Goals to achieve by 2050:

  • Transitioning towards a climate-neutral green and blue economy
  • Transitioning towards the preservation of sustainable urban development and cultural heritage
  • Ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all
  • Accelerating digital transformation, smart mobility and connectivity
  • Achieving social fairness and prosperity for all

The Strategy will be put into practice through Action Plans, the first one (with a horizon of 2030), should be published later this year.

We encourage anyone to share their views, and contribute to the strategy or action plan with suggestions, by providing feedback. The document can be downloaded through this link. Feedback should be received by Thursday, 9th February 2023 and can be sent by email to sustainabledevelopment@gov.mt.

Some of the items on our list of feedback are immediate action to protect our natural areas, to increase quality green spaces in urban areas, to halt construction destruction, to shift away from fossil fuels, and to address private car dependence. What about you?  

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