Kalanka Bay – Public Domain status

Kalanka Bay – Public Domain status
Kalanka Bay
image: www.viewingmalta.com

You can save the untouched Kalanka Bay. Public domain status will mean that the bay is given increased protection at law. By signing the representation letter (www.foemalta.org/pd) the Planning Authority will have the area included in the list of sites to be voted on as public domain sites by Parliament.

Kalanka, together with 23 other sites have been published by the Planning Authority for public consultation until August 11. These proposals will then be forwarded with recommendations in an Annual Report to the Minister for Lands, to be
considered by Parliament.

One of the most important aspects of this law is that it imposes a burden on the State to protect public domain sites for future generations, safeguarding them from environmental destruction.

Private property rights are not affected by the law, but owners may have to prove and clarify land ownership. This should hopefully clarify false claims of ownership and situations where public land was blocked abusively.

Unlike public land, areas designated as public domain will not be freely negotiable by government. Many laws address heritage and preservation but this is the first time where the nature of the property is recognised by the civil law itself.

Friends of the Earth Malta believes that nature is for everyone to experience and enjoy. We all need nature in our lives. Experiencing vibrant nature is also crucial for everybody’s health and wellbeing. Regular time spent in nature is good for children’s development, and for fitness and our mental health.

As a necessary component of a good life, we believe that experiencing nature should be considered a fundamental right for everyone, regardless of our backgrounds. When nature thrives we thrive.

Friends of the Earth Malta is encouraging citizens to send submissions to the Planning Authority using the simple form which can be found at: www.foemalta.org/pd

image: www.viewingmalta.com

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