Friends of the Earth Malta launch the Agro Katina Report

Report on the local vegetable and fruit supply chain in Malta

Friends of the Earth Malta today launched its Agro Katina report and shopping guide for customers through a round table event which brought together NGOs, academics, farmers and hospitality stakeholders to discuss the findings and recommendations.

The report is the product of FoE Malta’s research into the local vegetable and fruit supply chain and the agricultural sector in Malta. This research was conducted in the context of the Supply Cha!nge project, which strives to find solutions to the growing challenge of reducing environmental impacts and improving working conditions along the supply chain of supermarkets.

Suzanne Maas, project coordinator at Friends of the Earth Malta said, “Friends of the Earth Malta strongly believes in shorter supply chains, as these have a positive impact on local farmers, strengthen local economies and small business and bring the public closer to their food sources.”

The report concludes with a series of recommendations targeted at stakeholders in the agricultural sector: producers, retailers, customers and policy makers.

The recommendations are aimed at improvements in terms of adding value, through tapping into higher value products, better presentation and marketing, and processing produce; quality products, such as alternative higher revenue crops, focusing on niche markets, and grading of produce.

In terms of education & information, by investing in agricultural education, lifelong learning, and labelling and campaigning; environmental issues, through a focus on integrating water efficiency measures, protection of biodiversity and increase in renewable energy, while tapping into RDP funding for agri-environmental measures.

In relation to the tourism sector it recommends the creation of a strategy for agritourism and better marketing of local produce in the tourism sector.

From a markets perspective, it also recommends improvements at the wholesale market, better preservation of produce and tapping into online markets; and farmer’s organisation & cooperation, by organising in cooperatives and a union, creating a mechanism for young and new farmers to access land, and working on a strategy to target part- time farmers.

Martin Galea De Giovanni, director at Friends of the Earth Malta said “Friends of the Earth Malta hopes the Agro Katina research, and this report in particular, can contribute to a deeper appreciation of local produce and agriculture, and a stronger integration of agricultural policies with interlinked topics, such as water, biodiversity, natural habitats, health and better quality of life.”

A copy of the Agro Katina report can be obtained by visiting the project page




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