Friends of the Earth Malta Relaunches “Malta Farm Map” to Promote Direct Sales of Local Produce

Friends of the Earth Malta Relaunches “Malta Farm Map” to Promote Direct Sales of Local Produce

Friends of the Earth Malta (FoEM) is excited to announce the relaunching of its “Malta Farm Map,” an initiative designed to foster and champion local farmers, enabling them to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables directly to consumers. This innovative project is aligned with FoEM’s mission to safeguard local farmland permanently and educate the public about the significance of consuming locally sourced produce.

The “Malta Farm Map” is an online platform dedicated to showcasing local farms and producers who wish to bypass intermediaries in their sales transactions in Malta and Gozo. Martin Galea De Giovanni, Director of FoEM, expressed the intent behind this service, saying, “This free service aims to connect farmers and customers directly. At Friends of the Earth Malta, we regularly receive inquiries from our members seeking information on farmers selling their local produce directly to consumers.”

The primary goal of the “Malta Farm Map” is to establish a direct sales platform for agricultural producers and customers, enabling them to easily identify where and how to purchase products and services directly from local farms. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between small, local producers and consumers.

The “Malta Farm Map” is readily accessible online, boasting user-friendly navigation on both desktop and mobile devices. Users can explore the interactive map to locate farmers in their vicinity, discover farm shops, farm markets, and organic produce suppliers. By clicking on the map icons, users can access brief descriptions of the farmers, the products they offer, and their contact information.

Friends of the Earth Malta encourages everyone to visit the “Malta Farm Map” website at to identify their nearest local farmer and purchase fresh, locally grown produce directly from them.

Additionally, FoEM invites local farmers to register on the platform through the provided form at By participating in this initiative, both consumers and farmers will play a vital role in supporting the local farming community.

Eating sustainably produced food not only benefits our own well-being but also plays a crucial role in preserving our environment. Friends of the Earth Malta is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and promoting the consumption of fresh, seasonal produce cultivated by local, small-scale farmers.

Emanuela De Giorgio from the Veg Box, Manikata (Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi)

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