Minister Ian Borg’s behind the back deal with hunters proves his wrong doing

Spazji Miftuha to organise a unified event

Friends of the Earth Malta together with the coalition of more than 60 NGOs and groups, Spazji Miftuha, condemns the Government that bulldozed over the public opinion. The unethical and disrespectful way of signing an agreement behind the backs of everyone by Minister Ian Borg, Minister Aron Farrugia and Parliament Secretary Chris Agius only proves their wrong doing.

The coalition is overwhelmed by the response of the general public in enticing and also organising several walks on Sunday 11th (tomorrow). While
it encourages everyone, who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature, to go for the various walks in Mizieb it also announces that in the very near future
another organised event will be fixed in unity with everyone even those who have yet to join the coalition.