Save Bees and Farmers!

Call on your politicians to Save Bees and Farmers!

We are 1,1 million European citizens, demanding an end to pesticides. Now is the chance for the EU to deliver! Your support in the coming months is essential

We want an environmentally-friendly agriculture for sustainable production of healthy food. We ask for support for farmers to work with nature.

Two legal proposals in the EU support pesticide reduction and the restoration of nature. These proposals are under heavy attack by politicians who put the interests of the chemical industry above the interests of citizens, farmers, health and biodiversity.

Use our tool below to write to the members of the EU Parliament from your country! Ask them for more ambition, add your own words and send the message. Your voice counts, for a healthy future for us, our children, and grandchildren.

Who to address as a priority?

The liberals (Renew in the EP) and social democrats (S&D) are split on the EU Pesticide Regulation. They are key to reaching a majority in favor of a strong regulation.

The christian democrats (EPP) currently run a disinformation campaign on pesticides and nature restoration. However, individual members might still vote in favor of health and nature. Help to convince them to be constructive and not block the regulation.

We encourage you to change the subject and email text!

Our key demands

1. A phase-out of the use of synthetic pesticides

By 2030 the use of synthetic pesticides shall be gradually reduced by 80 percent in EU agriculture. By 2035, agriculture in the entire Union shall be working without synthetic pesticides.

2. Measures to recover biodiversity

Habitats shall be restored and agricultural areas shall become a vector of biodiversity recovery.

3. Support for farmers

Farmers must be supported in the necessary transition towards agroecology. Small, diverse and sustainable farms shall be favoured, organic farming expanded, and research into pesticide-free and GMO-free agriculture will be supported.

Reducing pesticides is beneficial for our health and the health of a wild array of flora and fauna on the Maltese Islands.

Want to know more?

Find our more about our Bee Cause campaign and the work that we do to save bees!

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