Green Resource Centre – We need your support

Green Resource Centre – We need your support

Over the past 6 months we’ve been very busy with major infrastructural works at our new Green Resource Centre (GRC) in Floriana which are now almost completed, thanks to the generous support of our members and also the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC)’s Environmental Fund.

The Green Resource Centre will also host our head office from which all activities and operations are co-ordinated. In addition to office space and equipment, the centre will incorporate a multifunctional hall with audio visual facilities and an urban garden which will enable us to organise more workshops and activities – including our now established BeeAware Course, urban gardening and vegan cooking classes.

How can you help ?

We are still looking for your generous support in order to help us develop the first voluntary run service in Malta specifically aimed to assist members of the public with legal and generic aid on environmental related matters.
Fixing the old British period building which had been abandoned for many years came a great cost , and would appreciate all and any help that our members can give us.

Here are four ways you can help:

Volunteer: Are you willing to share your time and DIY skills with us ? Click here to find out more.

Items: We’re still looking for the following items: • Water dispenser  • Microwave oven • Small kitchen 2m (sink, kitchen top, lower cupboard, shelving, cutlery crockery etc., hob, kettle) • Sofa or armchairs • Closed unit for storage • Open shelving for books • Office desks • Large meeting table • Lighting

Share with your friends: Share this post with your friends on social media. Perhaps they can help too!

Donate: Every donation is an invaluable contribution towards covering the many expenses related to setting up the Green Resource Centre. Click here to donate now.

Through the GRC, members of the public will be provided with expertise through a dedicated schedule of service as well as access to a resource library with relevant publications, handbooks and other educational materials. This initiative is only one of a number of components FoE Malta has established as part of an extensive 3 year plan that will see all these initiatives combine into a solid and innovative hub of volunteering activities.

Find out more about us and our work by visiting this link or watch this video clip

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