Malta Farm Map Rebranded

Friends of the Earth Malta (FoEM) is rebranding its “Malta Farm Map”, an initiative aiming to promote and support local farmers to sell their local fruits and vegetables directly to you.

As part of our mission to preserve permanently local farmland and communicate with the public about the importance of eating local, FoEM set up an online farm map focusing on local farms and producers who wish to retail their products directly to the consumers without including any third party for the sale-purchase of products in Malta and Gozo.

Martin Galea De Giovanni, FoEM Director says “This free service aims to connect farmers and customers directly. At Friends of the Earth Malta we receive a lot of requests from our members asking us about which farmers sell their local produce directly.”

Through this map we want to consolidate a direct sales platform for agriculture producers and customers to know how and where to purchase products and services from local farms. In thus doing, our motivation is to bridge the distance between small and local producers and the people.

The Malta Farm Map is accessible online and easy to navigate both on a desktop and mobile phone. Users are able to explore the interactive map to search for Farmers in their area, Farm shops, Farm markets, and Organic produce. Once they click the icon, users will get a short description of the farmer, as well and the produce they sell, and their contact details. Then it is a matter of sending a message or make a phone call, it’s easy as that.

We are now urging people to visit the page in order to locate their nearest friendly farmer and buy their fresh local produce directly from them.

Also, we urge farmers to continue registering through this form. In this way we will all be supporting the local farming community.

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