We launched Bike About cycling sessions!

We launched Bike About cycling sessions!

We are excited to share the first impressions about our first Bike About Cycling Session organised together with Michelle Vella Wood from Freedom is a bicycle.

The beginner cyclists who have participated are already pedaling with confidence and joy. We believe that cycling plays a crucial role in promoting a shift towards sustainable mobility.

Cycling is one of the main modes of transport to promote a shift to sustainable mobility. The average trip distance in Malta of 5.5km lends itself very well to short bicycle commutes; a 5km trip takes just 15 to 20 minutes. With investment in cycling infrastructure and the wider availability of electric bicycles to help overcome issues related to the hills and summer heat (including the government grants to aid in the purchase), cycling is becoming an option for more people and interest in this mode of transport is growing locally.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Intermediate Bike About Cycling Sessions!

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