Climate Early – activities in primary schools

Our Climate Ambassador teachers have been busy getting their students engaged in activities as part of the Climate Early Project (Climate Early: Training For Primary Schools Teachers – Friends Of the Earth Malta ( From identifying local flora to outdoor nature treasure hunts to simulating marine pollution scenarios to card games on renewable energy, the students all had a chance to enjoy themselves while delving into topics in education for sustainable development.

The project aims to increase awareness on environmental issues amongst primary school students. Teachers can access a free online platform with resources and a toolkit of activities with crosscurricular themes and suitable for different age groups.

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About the project

The CLIMATE EARLY project, is a small scale project that aims to merge the varying expertise of the consortium to advance knowledge on the environment among primary educators and students, raise awareness on issues that impact the environment upon which we all depend, as well as deliver actions to improve and sustain it.

The project objectives are to enhance the quality of early education teaching in deprived areas in environmentally conscientious ways and in the context of sustainable development. Considering there is a need to provide information and experiential experiences to children on important environmental issues, the project is being proposed at the right time, inspiring educators and students to become responsibly equipped for a better tomorrow, with greater environmental awareness.

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