May Flower of the Month: Stinking Iris (MT: Fjurdulis tal-Bosk) Iris foetidissima

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In our December 2021 newsletter, we introduced the project PANCAKE which is being led by FoEMalta and includes international partners from 3 other countries with the aim to bring the silent world of plants accessible to the deaf community by creating new signs to be added to sign language in Maltese, English, Spanish and Italian. A number of plants which are found in all the partner countries were chosen and a unique sign is being created for the first time for each one of them.

Stinking Iris (MT: Fjurdulis tal-Bosk) Iris foetidissima

Spanish: Lírio-fétido      Italian: Giaggiolo puzzolente

Locally very rare, this elegant native iris with a not so pretty name is locally restricted to shaded, woodland areas. Its malodorous reputation, emphasised in both its Latin and common names, is not well-earned as it cannot really be perceived that strongly. It is said that the foul smell results from its leaves being crushed. The dagger-like foliage also gives it the older name of Gladdon in English.

The brownish-violet flowers bloom at this time of year and are followed by a big fruit capsule which cracks open to reveal coral-red seeds. Although poisonous to humans they are welcome food for birds later on in the season when they soften.

Read more about PANCAKE here!

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Photos and text by Annalise Falzon

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