Honey for your Honey
How about getting some delicious honey for your loved ones?!

Here at FoE Malta we currently have a number of bee hives with colonies of the Maltese Honey Bee. The honey bees have been having a very rough time lately with all the unsustainable agricultural practices, loss of ODZ land, and climate change. At FoE Malta we want to support the honey bees since they are vital creatures in the eco-system.

We need your support to help the bee population thrive. This year we will be having our first harvest of honey from the beehives! How about getting an ethical gift this Valentine’s day? By sponsoring one of our bee hives, you will in return receive the following goodies:

  • BeeCause kit
  • Jar of honey from our apiary
  • Updates from the hives
  • Invitation to an annual event

Be patient with the bees, they do not produce honey on demand, so the yummy honey will be available in April/May 2018, when we will send you the Bee Kit.

Want to learn how to raise your own bees? Attend our Bee Aware Courses.

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