Why Support Us

We’ve been campaigning for the environment in Malta since 1985! 

Our mission is to be the human voice of the Earth to bring about a peaceful, just, equitable, and sustainable society that is respectful of present and future generations by inspiring change and promoting solutions. 

Your donation supports the organisation to continue thriving. FoEM is dedicated to growing its campaign work and to continue taking action to safeguard our environment. Your donation can fund our community garden, the restoration of the Comino bakery, our apiary, and our impactful campaigns.

Explore a range of engaging activities tailored to inspire your team’s commitment to the environmental cause. Through enriching educational experiences we invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact on our planet.

Nature Walk

Donation of €750

A guided nature walk to discover Malta’s diverse flora and fauna and learn about indigenous and endemic species. Led by a licensed guide, these walks offer ample opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the countryside while learning about the geology and archaeological/historical features along the way. With frequent stops to identify plants, including edible wild plants, participants gain insight into Malta’s biodiversity.

  • 2 to 3hr
  • Available Sep to Jun
  • Around or less than 5km
  • Weekends or weekdays, late morning/early afternoon or can be shifted to evening in hotter months.
  • Maximum number of participants: 20 to 25
  • Foraging book for participants

Your donation goes towards our Food Agriculture and Biodiversity Campaign work. 

  • Eco Hub Community Garden at Friends of the Earth Malta
  • Eco Hub Community Garden at Friends of the Earth Malta
  • Eco Hub Community Garden at Friends of the Earth Malta
  • Eco Hub Community Garden at Friends of the Earth Malta

Urban Garden Volunteering Experience 

Donation of €2000

Join us in Floriana to participate in gardening activities at our urban garden, supported by Friends of the Earth Malta. Our community garden serves as a haven for pollinators and wildlife in general,  in an urbanized environment. We have lots to get done in our veggie patch and wild garden. Work on the day may vary depending on garden needs but may include hands-on experience in crop growing, preparing the soil, pruning, composting/ vermiculture, creating a seed bank, beekeeping, water conservation, planting crops/ tree saplings, clean-ups around the area and learning more about the world of gardening. 

  • 3hr to 4 hrs
  • Available Sep to Jun
  • Weekdays or weekends
  • Maximum number of participants: 30 

Activity includes:

  • A copy of the foraging book for all participants
  • A plant to take home for any interested participants (subject to availability)
  • Coffee break and refreshments 

Your donation goes towards our Community Garden upkeep. 

 Presentation &  Workshop

Donation of €500

A one-hour workshop and/or presentation on some of the work FoEM and campaigns. We can host you at our Green Resource Centre in Floriana or visit your premises to give an interactive talk on one of the following topics: 

  • Waste management & zero waste
  • Climate, energy & mobility
  • Social permaculture
  • Pollinators &  local biodiversity
  • Composting

Your donation goes towards our campaigning work.

Comino Clean-up & Visit to il-Forn ta’ Kemmuna 

Donation of €3500

The island of Comino is considered to be Malta’s biodiversity haven and forms part of the Natura 2000 network. Support the island’s ecological importance by participating in a cleanup. Learning about the Friends of the Earth project Il-Forn ta’ Kemmuna which will see a historic bakery transformed into an Interpretation Centre to push for sustainable tourism on the island. This event is a perfect way to spend a day in Comino with your team. After a tour of the old bakery, a team-building cleanup and a relaxing lunch, we encourage people to stay in Comino and enjoy a well-deserved swim or a walk around.

  • 4 hrs on Comino (morning till lunchtime)
  • Available Mar to Jun or Sep to Nov on weekdays or weekends
  • Maximum number of participants: 30
  • Clean up around Comino littering hot spots
  • Tour of Il-Forn and info on our project.

Your donation goes towards our Il-Forn ta’ Kemmuna project. 

If you are interested in any of the activities above send us a request through the form below and we will get back to you shortly with further information to organise the event for your team.

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