#NoGasPipeline to Malta! Sign the letter to decision makers

#NoGasPipeline to Malta! Sign the letter to decision makers

Have you heard about the corrupt Electrogas deal and the fossil gas pipeline that might replace the LNG tanker? 

The proposed Melita TransGas pipeline between Sicily and Malta, estimated to cost €400 million, would lock Malta in a dirty fossil fuel future for decades to come. This goes completely contrary to the renewable energy transition we need. New fossil fuel infrastructure is incompatible with international climate goals. 

Furthermore, if the Melita TransGas pipeline were built, it would result in a pay out to the ultimate beneficial owners of Electrogas, who currently operate the gas-fired power plant. This includes Yorgen Fenech, who is accused of complicity in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

That’s why we say: #NoGasPipeline to Malta! 

Join us and sign the letter below, which we will send to decision makers both locally and in the EU: 

      Prime Minister Robert Abela, Energy Minister Miriam Dalli and Finance Minister Clyde Caruana

      Members of European Parliament (MEPs) that are part of the ITRE Committee (Industry, Research and Energy). 

Watch the video about the dirty Electrogas deal and the proposed Melita TransGas Pipeline.

This letter is part of an initiative by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and Friends of the Earth Malta, opposing the Melita TransGas Pipeline. This initiative is part of EU-wide actions asking for #PeopleOverPolluters led by the Fossil Free Politics Coalition


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