Community Garden Session

Community Garden Session

A community garden as a simple and sustainable form of agriculture is a piece of land that is cultivated together by a group of people. The harvest belongs to all participants. This is a great opportunity to get nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables without having to go to a supermarket, while connecting with others. The activities could include cleaning the space, planting new trees, watering plants, harvesting them if needed, creating signs for the plants, removing dry plants, and composting them.

Join us for a monthly session that will cover the following topics:

Session 1 – General introduction to gardening for environmental resilience
Session 2 – Designing an urban garden for climate resilience
Session 3 – Planting & creating a seed bank of climate resilient plants
Session 4 – Water conservation and storage for drought conditions
Session 5 – Soil conditioning and mulching
Session 6 – How start composting at home
Session 7 – Planting pollinator & biodiversity friendly gardens
Session 8 – How to harvest & store surplus: pickling, drying, preserving food

This event is being supported by the UK in Malta – British High Commission Valletta.

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