20th September – Climate Strike

20th September – Climate Strike

Why strike?

The climate crisis is the most pertinent global issue that we are facing. We must demand that politicians make decisions to safeguard the future now, not later!
The change in climate is already affecting those most vulnerable, with communities losing their homes, be it sea level rise, natural disasters, or are people are forced into migration due to drought and famine. But a climate strike is not merely an act of solidarity. In Malta, there is a lack of planning on how to mitigate climate disasters, and we are not equipped to adapt to a changing climate. A sense of urgency not being felt, with our limited natural resources being evermore exploited (agricultural land, groundwater) while other renewable resources (rainwater, solar energy, wind energy) are not effectively harnessed. Most importantly, politicians are making one blunder after another to the detriment of the environment and our wellbeing, with no holistic vision for the future.

The next generations are being made more precarious every day if politicians do not put the Climate Crisis and Climate Justice on top of the agenda. We want to join the GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE MOVEMENT to show that we all want a better future.

Climate Strike 20th September

The climate strikes have been very successful abroad in mobilising younger people, and it’s also a platform to discuss not only the specifics, but the general direction were politics should head if we are to have a liveable future. The Climate action summit is on 23rd September and it is important to mobilise around that date. The student strikes movement has called on adults to strike and to take action on 20th September. There will be a Global Strike through the week from the 20th-27th September.

Friends of the Earth Malta would like to take an active role in the climate strike and we want to know what everyone is planning and to organise together. Please fill in the preliminary survey, so we get a good idea of who is working on what. Please fill in below if you want to be a part of it!

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