1*c – Rising Stories from the front lines of climate change

1*c – Rising  Stories from the front lines of climate change

Stories from the front lines of climate change – 1*C Rising – is a collection of visuals accompanied by interviews, essays and quotes that elevates the voices from the Global South to the North, uncovering the culprits of climate impacts and environmental degradation while honoring those defending, resisting and protecting.

These stories summarized in a vibrant hardcover book, include portraits from more than 20 different countries confronting the realities of a warming planet ,while resisting fossil fuels extractions, mobilizating and fighting for solutions. Titled after rising temperatures and rising resistance, 1*C covers stories from worlds largest coal mines in Colombia and Germany, the toxic rivers of Nigeria to fjord mining resistance in Norway.

From community energy revolution led by people in Scotland to the snowcapped mountains of Kilimanjaro all the way to the rapidly melting Arctic. 1*C Rising is a journey that travels across all corners of the world, magnifying the connection between people and planet, giving communities a platform to share their experiences and the possibility to reach the hearts and minds, inspire action and responsibility and understanding that a different future is not only possible but necessary.

Over the past 8 years, Luka Tomac visited at least 20 countries and collected more than 25 stories of resistance and solutions, followed by photos and interviews of people on the front lines of climate change. 1*C Rising – Stories from the front lines of climate change is his fourth book in which elevates the voices of the local communities fighting for climate justice. Luka Tomac is the author of three published books and several social art interventions including Keepers which is featured in our monthly newsletter.

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