Reintroducing Pollinators to Urban Areas

Maria Eileen Fsadni, from Friends of the Earth Malta (FoEM) was invited for an interview organised by TAPP Water held during European Sustainable Development Week as part of their Sustainability Stories series. She discussed the Pollinator Haven which was set up in collaboration with FoEM on the rooftop of Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum in Mdina.

The Museum, which is managed by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, showcases the fine arts and antiques collection of its last owner Olof Gollcher who occupied the building from 1927 till his death in 1962. Apart from its
environmental benefits, the pollinator haven serves as a little homage to his second property, a country house called Villa Brunswick, where he kept beehives. It recalls his fondness for rural life on the island and his interest in beekeeping.

To learn more about the importance of pollinators, and what you can do at home, watch the interview below.

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