Social PEAS partners met in Valladolid for training activity on Social Permaculture: Empowering an Active Society

Like peas in a pod, the #SocialPEAS project consortium met each other for the second time in person to discuss this project aimed at creating permaculture training for professionals working with vulnerable adults. Target groups include people suffering from mental health issues, people with physical and intellectual disabilities and former drug or alcohol users. During the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity held in Valladolid, Spain, the Social PEAS project consortium learned more about the permaculture garden of Fundación Intras, one of the project partners, and how to use permaculture as a tool for therapy and wellbeing when working with vulnerable adults.

The project partners will now work together to create a new training curriculum for adult educators, which will be tested out in collaboration with organisations working with vulnerable adults in the different partner countries; Spain, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Italy.

The aim of the Social PEAS project is to support adult educators to increase their knowledge and gain expertise in regenerative social permaculture and the creation of permaculture gardens, and to empower vulnerable adults to increase their knowledge and competencies to be able to use tools from social permaculture and nature therapy for improvement of their well-being and social resilience while taking care of the environment!

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The Social PEAS project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and is a collaboration between Friends of the Earth Malta and project partners Friends of the Earth Cyprus, Fundación Intras, Promimpresa, Conscious Ageing – Hekate Foundation, ICEP Institute of European Certification of Personnel and Inteko.

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