Setting up For Success project wrap up

Setting up For Success project wrap up

Last year, Friends of the Earth Malta (FOEM) embarked on an ambitious journey to forge a fundraising strategy, paving the way for meaningful environmental and societal transformations. Through diligent planning and unwavering dedication, our team collaborated with East to West Communications, experts, and volunteers to craft a detailed roadmap brimming with objectives and actions.

The goal was clear: to equip ourselves not only to support our campaigns but to become the resonant voice of our planet, advocating for a peaceful, just, and sustainable society that cherishes present and future generations.

In the spirit of collaboration, we extended our project’s reach to encompass other environmental NGOs (e-NGOs). Hosting a fundraising workshop, we provided a platform to share invaluable insights and experiences, fostering a space to discuss common challenges and potential solutions. This collective effort aimed to strengthen the network, bolster capacities, and address the financial hurdles faced by voluntary organizations.

Our volunteers have been instrumental in this journey, actively participating in strategy planning, organizing events, and gaining firsthand experience in fundraising practices. Through their involvement, they’ve not only enriched our initiatives but have also acquired crucial skills essential for effecting positive change within the voluntary sector.

This culminated in an end of year event at our Green Resource Centre where we presented our fundraising strategy and the campaign work it would be supporting, to our supporters, and potential sponsors. 

Thank you to everyone who joined hands with us on this journey. Your support fuels our determination to making a meaningful impact.

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