Friends of the Earth Europe Gathers in Malta

Friends of the Earth Europe Gathers in Malta

Discusses Sustainability and Witnesses Beauty and Challenges of the Island

The beautiful island of Malta recently played host to the annual general meeting (AGM) of Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), a significant event for environmental activists across the continent. The decision to hold the AGM in Malta reflected a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, bringing together representatives from over 30 different Friends of the Earth groups.

Green Travel Takes Center Stage

FoEM prioritised sustainable travel for the event, encouraging participants to utilise low-emission options like trains, buses, and carpooling. By following our recommendations, several participants avoided air and car travel. Many travelled to Southern Europe by train, followed the Ferry from Sicily, and hopped on the bus to the venue. We would like to thank Tallinja for offering us Tallinja cards for our visitors.

A Vibrant Community Discusses Strategy

The AGM served as a platform for reflection, strategising, and celebrating environmental wins. Member groups discussed past successes and challenges, charting a course for a future where environmental efforts are aligned for maximum impact in the face of pressing issues.

Witnessing the Beauty and Challenges of Comino

As part of the AGM, the group visited the stunning island of Comino, a designated Natura 2000 site recognised for its ecological importance. While immersed in the island’s beauty, participants couldn’t help but notice the environmental strain caused by overtourism. AGM participants also visited the Comino Bakery ( and met with our nature keeper, and Comino resident, Salvu.(

Martin Galea de Giovanni, Director of Friends of the Earth Malta, commented: “The island of Comino serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between tourism and environmental protection. We must find ways to ensure that visitors can enjoy the island’s natural beauty while also safeguarding it for future generations.” While on the island, participants engaged in an informal clean up of the island, gathering rubbish as they went along.

This sentiment highlights the crucial role of organisations like Friends of the Earth Europe in promoting sustainable practices and fostering a global movement for environmental protection.

During the AGM formal session, amongst other things, our members approved our financial accounts for 2023 and our provision budget for next year. We also re-elected a new Board made up of eight members, including, Marilin Eessalu (Estonia) as the new Chairperson, Akos Éger (Hungary) as Treasurer and Martin Galea De Giovanni (Malta) as Secretary, for another two-year mandate.

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