Newsletter - October 2020 Newsletter - October 2020

Save bees and farmers

Our pollinators need you. If you want to help bees and support a resilient food system, sign the Save Bees and Farmers Petition (an ID card number is required since this is an official EU process) 
We will choose 3 lucky winners from those who sign the petition. Winners will receive one of our BeeCause tote-bags as a thank you gift from the bees...

Go Meatless this Monday!

Meat production is a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions 
Reduce your carbon footprint, eat less meat!


Olive trees are evergreen trees found in most Mediterranean countries including Malta. For Meatless Monday try our delicious Sand tart with Olives recipe 


Every donation, no matter how small, is an invaluable contribution towards Friends of the Earth Malta's work.