Volunteer Charter

Friends of the Earth Malta values enormously the contribution that all volunteers make in enabling the organisation to increase and extend the effectiveness of its environmental campaigning work.
This Charter has been developed to help ensure that both Friends of the Earth and individual volunteers get the most out of the skills, experience, time and energy that they give to the organisation. It is intended to clearly set out mutual expectations and responsibilities and thereby encourage the development of an effective working partnership between Friends of the Earth and volunteers.
Friends of the Earth Malta makes a commitment to:
  • treat all volunteers fairly
  • promote effective communication with volunteers and ensure that volunteers are kept informed of, and are given the opportunity to participate fully in, Friends of the Earth Malta’s work
  •  respect the skills and experience that volunteers can contribute
  • ensure that all new volunteers are buddied with another member of staff or volunteer who is able to provide induction, regular assistance and feedback and to whom they may go if they have any problems
  •  provide volunteers with a clear description of the tasks that they are to carry out
Friends of the Earth Malta expects volunteers to:
  • observe Friends of the Earth’s commitment to equal opportunities and treat with respect and sensitivity other volunteers, staff, visitors and anyone they come into contact with in the course of volunteering with Friends of the Earth Malta
  • carry out their work in line with Friends of the Earth Malta’s statute, aims and objectives and organisational policies and procedures (these will be made available to volunteers as part of their induction process)
  • be willing to be flexible and understand that, while Friends of the Earth Malta will always endeavour to meet the expectations of volunteers, there will be times when limited resources will mean that this may not be entirely possible
  • work constructively and co-operatively with other volunteers and staff
  • take equal responsibility for their own personal development, be prepared to actively seek support if it is needed and to participate in any induction, training or appraisal activities which are provided
  • perform the tasks they have agreed to carry out to the best of their abilities, including being prepared to do their fair share of routine administrative tasks, where required
  • be reliable and punctual and keep Friends of the Earth Malta informed if their availability changes
  • respect the trust that Friends of the Earth Malta places in volunteers by observing confidentiality at all times and not to disclose to any person or body any information which is confidential to Friends of the Earth (This also applies once a volunteer has left Friends of the Earth Malta)
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