FoE Malta proposes seven sites for ‘Public Domain Act’ protection

Fomm ir-Riħ bay
Fomm ir-Riħ bay

Following the enactment of the ‘Public Domain Act’, Friends of the Earth Malta has today filed applications requesting that seven sites be designated as being Public Domain.

This law empowers citizens and NGOs to recommend land and property to be listed as ‘public domain’. Such land cannot be used for commercial reasons while also guaranteeing unrestricted access to the public.

The proposed sites include Comino, Fomm ir-Riħ, Ras ir-Raheb and Qlejgha, Il-Ballut tal-Wardija, Il-Ballut tal- Imġiebaħ (l/o Mellieħa), Is-Simblija (including Wied ir-Rum, Ta-Baldu and Wied Hazrun) and Has-Saptan extending to Wied Zembaq.

Friends of the Earth Malta believes nature is for everyone to experience and enjoy. We all need nature in our lives, and we are campaigning to ensure everyone has a right to access vibrant nature. Nature is invaluable in its own right – special places and species are unique and irreplaceable. They must not be sold off, privatised nor traded on any market.

Experiencing vibrant nature is also crucial for everybody’s health and wellbeing. Regular time spent in nature is good for children’s development, and for fitness and our mental health.

As a necessary component of a good life, we believe that experiencing nature should be considered a fundamental right for everyone, regardless of our backgrounds. When nature thrives we thrive.